High Quality Silicon Dragon Condom


100% brand new and high quality, comfortable ring pleasure. Extra Dotted Crystal Condom, Washable and Reusable Silicon Made Extra Dotted Crystal Condom. Helps to provide you with a stronger, harder and longer lasting erection.The Ultimate full length penis sleeve, designed with both in mind, wearing this full penis sleeve reduces premature ejaculation and boosts performance. It can reach to women’s vaginal wall and cervical mouth to produce the greatest degree of friction. Many type floating point and top protuberant big head effectively stimulating sensitive parts of women. Helps restrict return blood flow for stronger harder. It will keep your erections stronger and harder then ever before. || Size: 5.32inchesx5.12inchesx5 inches. ||

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FStyler New 100% Pure High Quality Silicon Dragon Condom for Long Time Condom

  • Dotted, Ribbed & Dotted Condom
  • Regular Flavor
  • Ideal For: Men
  • Size: L, S
  • Made of: Silicon Made Washable and Re-usable Crystal Condom


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